Breaking Changes in Twilio Video JavaScript SDKs (December 2018)

Google will be introducing breaking changes for WebRTC-based applications in upcoming Chrome browser releases. These changes will cause applications built with some older versions of the Programmable Video SDKs to stop functioning correctly; users running these older versions of the SDK will not be able to join Group Rooms and will be unable to play tracks from remote participants in Peer-to-Peer Rooms.

Detailed Explanation

Later this month, Google will begin migrating Chrome to use WebRTC's Unified Plan by default. The WebRTC Unified Plan replaces Chrome's earlier Plan B implementation. Per Google’s announcement, the default SDP format will change from Plan B to Unified Plan in Chrome 72 (beta release on December 13, 2018, stable release on January 29, 2019).

Recent versions of the Twilio Video JavaScript SDK choose Plan B explicitly, so they will not be affected. Older versions expect Plan B by default, so in Chrome 72 they will be affected by this change and unable to join Group Rooms, or to playback remote participant media in Peer-to-Peer Rooms.

If you're using one of these older versions of the Programmable Video SDK, you should upgrade to the latest version, as described below, to avoid impacting your customers.

Google Chrome will continue to support both Unified Plan and Plan B until mid-year 2019, when Google intends to drop support for Plan B. Prior to this change, Twilio will publish an SDK update that supports Unified Plan by default and remove any dependency on Plan B. We'll finalize the timelines for this release as Google's timelines become clearer.

Depending on how your application consumes our video SDK, it may receive the latest versions of our SDK automatically, or you may need to re-publish your app, as described below.

Impact Timeline

These WebRTC changes will roll out to Chrome users gradually, beginning with Chrome 72:

  • Chrome 72 will release to Chrome's Beta Channel on December 13th, 2018.
  • Chrome 72 will release to Chrome's Stable Channel On January 29th, 2019.
  • Sometime in mid-2019, Google will completely remove support for Plan B. Final dates and versions of Chrome that will contain this change are still being determined by Google.

Note: You can find what Chrome version you're using by entering chrome://version into the address bar.

Will my app be affected by this change?

If you use one of the following Twilio Video JavaScript SDK versions then your application may be impacted:

Twilio SDK Affected versions Upgrade path
Twilio Video JavaScript SDK 1.0.0 - 1.11.1 1.12.0 +
2.0.0-beta1 +

If you are loading the Twilio Video Javascript library using our CDN convenience URL (1.x version only), then you will automatically get the latest version, and your application will not be affected by this change.

How can I upgrade my application?

If you are using specific versions of the Twilio Video Javascript library through the Twilio CDN or through NPM, then you will need to upgrade to the latest versions of the Twilio Video Javascript library and re-deploy your application.

Upgrade to a newer release of the JavaScript SDK by updating your application to use one of the releases listed below:

If you're using NPM, you can update your library with the following commands:

npm install twilio-video@1.14.1
npm install twilio-video@2.0.0-beta4

If you are upgrading twilio-video.js from 1.x to 2.x, you can refer to the migration guide.

Are Electron applications impacted?

Electron packages specific versions of Chrome, which are a few releases behind the current stable version. Newer versions of the Programmable Video SDK, which will support only the Unified Plan SDP format, will only work on Electron 3.x (Chrome 66) and above. You should plan your upgrade of the Twilio Video Javascript SDK accordingly.

Notice: The new Unified Plan-only versions of the Programmable Video SDK will not work on Electron 2.x or below (Chrome 61).

Next Steps

Per Google’s announcement, Chrome will drop support for the Plan B SDP format entirely, sometime in mid-2019. Twilio will release updated SDK versions that will default to the Unified Plan SDP format in early 2019 to ensure you have sufficient time to upgrade your applications and avoid any impact to your users when Chrome drops Plan B SDP format support. We will send a follow-up to this notification once those releases are available. You can also follow our 1.x CHANGELOG and 2.x CHANGELOG to find out when we ship our SDK with full default support for Unified Plan SDPs.

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