Contacting Twilio Support for Flex Questions and Concerns

The Flex programmable contact center platform is infinitely customizable, so it's only natural for customers or potential users to have questions. We have a number of support articles that may help answer your implementation and customization questions here on our site under the Flex Category, as well as in our Flex Docs site.

We've also built a new Flex-specific support team focussed solely on helping facilitate Flex rollouts, and answering your toughest questions. If you run into any trouble, or need help figuring something out, please don't hesitate to contact them! Here's how best to reach our new Flex Support Team:

  1. Visit our Support request site:
  2. Fill out the ticket form, and then click Next.
    • Your email address: Enter the email address for us to send our response.
    • Subject: Enter a summary of your issue or question(s).
    • Description: Enter the details of your issue or question(s).
    • Business Impact: Select the appropriate impact level -
      • P3 General for general product or development questions
      • P2 Degraded for issues with an in-production Flex instance.
      • P1 Critical Outage for a mission-critical outage of an in-production Flex instance.
    • Select a Product: Choose Flex from the drop-down menu.
    • Flex Issue Area: Select the appropriate sub-category -
      • Core: General Flex implementation, routing, and usability.
      • Messaging Proxy: Flex SMS
      • Third-party Integration: Integrating Flex with a CRM or SSO provider
      • UI / React: Flex UI customizations
      • Flex Insights: Flex Insights Beta sign-ups and questions
      • Feature Request: Request new features
    • Account SID: The Flex account's SID (found in the Console Dashboard)
      • If you have multiple projects, make sure you have chosen the correct project (shown in the top left menu in Console). To see all of your projects visit the Project Summary page.
  3. Once completed, you'll see a confirmation at the top of your browser window indicating your request was submitted.


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