How Does Twilio Flex Handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Twilio takes data security seriously, and has a number of controls for managing data internally to help keep it safe. In addition, we have given users a number of options for controlling their data. Here are some best practices to help reduce any unnecessary PII stored with Twilio.

  • Refrain from using PII in your TaskRouter task and worker attributes. Only store the required data, and redact where you can.
  • Use the Call Recording Controls API to give your agents the ability to start, pause, and end recordings. While this feature is not currently built-in to Flex, a simple button or more complex component can be easily added to the UI.
  • Redact phone numbers and SMS bodies with the Twilio Enterprise plan.

For more information on how Twilio handles PII, please see What is Personally Identifiable Information.

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