Twilio Client 1.1 and 1.2 Shutdown

Twilio Client (Twilio.js) versions 1.1 and 1.2 will officially be shutdown beginning on September 13, 2018. After this date, users of these products will experience service interruptions, and will soon no longer be able to access this service. This change will permanently disable the presence feature, and Adobe Flash support, as neither of these are supported in the latest version of Client.

To continue using Twilio Client, users will need to move to the latest version of Twilio Client. For most users, this means only a simple update to point your application to the latest version of our library. For steps to check if your app is affected, and instructions on making this update, please see the Twilio Client Migration Guide (Twilio Docs).

Notice: Newer versions of Twilio Client (Twilio.js) use WebRTC for real-time communications, instead of Adobe Flash. Internet Explorer, and older versions of the Safari browser (prior to version 11) do not support WebRTC, so migrators using these browsers will need to upgrade to a compliant browser. For a list of suggested browsers, please see Which browsers support WebRTC.

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