Commercial Long Code SMS Product and Fee Structure Changes on Verizon

Upcoming commercial long code SMS product and fee structure changes on Verizon

Previously, Twilio announced that on February 1, 2019, Twilio will be moving all existing and new long code SMS terminating with Verizon to their new 10 digit long code (10DLC) A2P service. We are postponing this transition, as Verizon has postponed implementation related to the new service. We will alert you at least 10 business days before a new implementation date from Verizon becomes effective.

As we noted when originally announced, unlike today's long code SMS product, this new service has been designed specifically for commercial long code messaging. We believe this service will offer our customers the best possible stability and deliverability available on long codes. Many of you have been asking for the best possible quality, and we believe this new service will offer our customers just that.

For this new commercial long code SMS service, Verizon is adding a termination surcharge of $0.0025 per mobile terminated SMS message. All commercial long code Verizon traffic, regardless of provider, is being directed to this product and will be subject to this fee. We will pass this fee through to our customers at no markup. To ensure transparency, this fee will appear as a separate line item on your invoice. This fee is equal to the fee that short code SMS customers pay for the termination of messages to the Verizon network today. Short codes continue to offer best in class deliverability, reliability, and throughput available in the market today.

Twilio believes that a similar fee may be imposed for terminating long code traffic on other carrier networks in 2019. If and when that happens, we will update you and, as always, act in a manner consistent with our promise of quality, trust, and transparency.

Are providers other than Twilio subject to this fee?

All providers--not just Twilio--are impacted equally by this fee that Verizon is instituting. Twilio has made the decision to pass along the fee without any markup.

Will this change my Twilio phone numbers?

No, this new service does not cause any changes to your Twilio phone numbers. This change only affects cost and delivery quality for long code SMS to the Verizon network.

The term "10 digit long code" (10DLC) refers to standard US/Canadian local phone numbers, such as those Twilio offers, which are 10 digits long including area code.

If I use short codes today, should I move to long codes now?

Twilio recommends that if you use short codes today, you continue to do so.

What if I have questions?

We value your continued business with Twilio. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Account Manager or our Support Team.

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