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Twilio Lookups API is Not Returning Carrier Data for Canadian Phone Numbers

As of May 2018, Twilio is no longer able to provide all users carrier or portability details about Canadian phone numbers via the Lookup API. Per the Canadian Local Number Portability Consortium (CLNPC -, Twilio customers must have a contract with the CLNPC to receive this data.

Instead of returning the appropriate data, the following attributes now return null via Lookup API and Twilio Console:

  • mobile_network_code
  • name
  • type

How to request this data

In order to gain access to this data, you must apply for approval with the CLNPC over the webform located on

On completing the form, in the Connectivity to the NPAC section, please select Indirect Connection, and specify in the description that you will access the Lookup data over Twilio's Lookup product -

Once the application is submitted, CLNPC will review the form. The review usually takes a few weeks, and includes CLNPC reaching out to the emails specified in the application form. Once the process is complete, CLNPC will send the approval to Twilio. Only at this point will the Lookup support team be able to allow access to this feature. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Support team.

Notice: Please note that the contract has an annual fee that has to be paid to CLNPC.

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