How do I get my German local phone number re-provisioned?

If your phone number was disconnected, or reclaimed, because you did not have a proof of address on file, you can get your number back by following the steps below:

  1. Upload an identity document with proof of address. In order to meet regulatory requirements, we need you to add an address to your account and upload an identity document with a proof of address. For example, to get your Munich number back, we need you to provide both an acceptable proof of address in Munich and an address in your Twilio account in Munich.

  2. Email us. After you’ve created an address and uploaded the identity document, please send an email to with the number you’d like re-provisioned and the Account SID. We’ll confirm that the identity document with proof of address is valid, and then we’ll provision the number back to your account.

  3. Map your identity document and address to your phone number. Once the number has been re-provisioned, we need you to take the final step of mapping that phone number to your prefix-matching address and associated identity document. Instructions for mapping an address and identity can be found here.

When your address is in compliance, you'll see a "compliant" notice next to the "Address" dropdown option under the "Regulatory Information" section for your phone number:


For context, as of March 2018, we are required to collect an identity document with proof of address in order to sell German phone numbers. Germany imposes a proof-of-address requirement because German authorities want to ensure that local numbers are actually being used by businesses and/or individuals in the locality that corresponds with the phone number.

If you don’t have proof of address in Germany, you can purchase a German toll free, German national (+4932), or German mobile number via Console (requires login) or API.

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