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How Programmable Wireless Billing Works

SIM and Number charges

  • SIMs will be charged $2.00 monthly for any active SIMs, regardless of usage. If an account has 3 active SIMs, that would result in $6 per month. Suspended SIMs are not charged for the first three months of suspension, but on the fourth month they are charged $0.35 per month until either canceled or reactivated.  
  • Numbers will be charged monthly for any Twilio phone numbers on the account, the per-number cost varies depending on the number, but in the US it's typically ~$1 per number, per month, regardless of usage. If an account had 20 numbers that would account for $20 per month.

In the example above, just by having the active SIMs and Twilio Numbers, the account would be looking at a baseline of $26 per month, without any usage at all. 

Data charges

  • Data usage charges are based on the rate plan selected; the actual rate depends on whether the rate plan is Pay as you go (PAYG) or Quota-based.
  • Pay as you go plans meters the data at the byte level billed in 100KB increments on a per-SIM per-network basis.
  • Quota-based plans consist of agreeing to a minimum data spend per SIM per month, resulting in money saved on a per-MB basis. See the Pricing documentation for details on how data is billed and examples of Quota-based data metering.

NOTE: It's important to be aware that an active SIM in a device like a smartphone can passively accrue usage if the smartphone is automatically updating applications, downloading operating system updates, or accepting push notifications. 

Programmable Wireless Voice and Messaging

  • Voice calls are charged at $0.013 per minute for inbound and outbound calls.
  • SMS messages are charged at $0.01 per message for inbound and outbound messages.

Programmable Wireless usage pricing is the rates for the SIM's connection to the cellular network; the rates you see represent the cost of the leg between the SIM and Twilio's infrastructure, and is independent from the Programmable Voice and Programmable Messaging usage that occurs once the calls and messages arrive at Twilio's infrastructure. 

Programmable Voice and Messaging

  • Programmable Voice call pricing depends on the direction of the call, and the type of number being called, but for normal PSTN calls in the US, an outbound call would be charged $0.0130 per minute, and an inbound call would be charged $0.0085 per minute.
  • Programmable Messaging pricing is $0.0075 per message to send or receive.

As mentioned in the Programmable Wireless Voice and Messaging section, once the call or message arrives at Twilio's infrastructure, the TwiML configured will dictate what happens. If the TwiML sends a message or creates a call, the account will get charged for the Programmable Voice or Programmable Messaging activity by usage, in addition to the Programmable Wireless usage. 

National Roaming in the US

The Programmable Wireless pricing described above assumes the usage is occurring on T-Mobile's network in the United States. If the device is in the US but connected to a carrier other than T-Mobile, national roaming pricing applies.

  • Data usage is billed at $0.20 per megabyte for all usage, there is no tiering.
  • Commands are billed $0.01 per Command, to or from the SIM.
  • Programmable Messages are billed $0.10 per SMS, to or from the SIM. 
  • Programmable Voice is billed $0.10 per minute, to or from the SIM,. 

International Roaming outside the US (usage-based)

International usage varies by country. Review the following links for pricing outside the US:

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