Programmable Wireless SIM Ordering, Activation, and Statuses

Twilio SIM cards can be ordered in a starter pack of 3, groups of 10 or more, or in a pack of 100 solderable embedded SIM cards. All of these are ordered from the Programmable Wireless page in Console: Order SIM Cards.


What do SIM order statuses mean?

Placed - order was created in Twilio's system, but not shipped yet; orders are usually shipped between 2 and 4pm PT

Shipped - order was shipped and is still in transit; the tracking url in the Order Items page will provide the current status and expected arrival date

Completed - the delivery carrier reports the package as delivered.

SIM registration and activation 

Starter SIMs are not pre-registered. If you receive one, you'll need to register and configure it on the Programmable Wireless page in Console before it is activated. All other SIM packs are pre-registered to the account they were purchased with, but still require configuration to be activated. Click here to access Console and begin both of these processes: Programmable Wireless - SIMs.

In general, SIM activation/deactivation should take around 60 seconds; however, there are occasional activation queues that can cause delays in SIM activation and deactivation. 

SIM Statuses

A comprehensive glossary of SIM status values can be found in the SIM instance documentation

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