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How does Twilio exchange rates work?

Quarterly updates are made by Twilio’s Treasury Team. If the current market rate differs from the prior rate by more than 2.5% to ensure rates are most closely aligned with market rates.


Due to fluctuations in the market rates, exchange rates could also face daily, weekly or monthly adjustments.


My bank statement does not match with the Console. What can I do? 


Twilio does not charge any additional exchange fees besides the regular conversion rates. 


In case a certain amount is paid to Twilio and the bank statement does not match with the Console, it is possible that the bank is causing additional fees due to international transactions and exchanges. Please reach out to the bank for confirmation. If needed, Twilio will also provide the exchange rate used for the required transactions.


Note: Customers are responsible to pay in full for any bank or related fees in addition to all fees outlined in their invoices.


If the above is still unclear and you have further questions, please reach out to Twilio support by creating a ticket via your console. 

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