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Branding issues on Verizon Devices

Branding Display Issue Troubleshooting:

The most common reason for branding not displaying on a given receiving device is that the device is missing the account attribute required to display branding.



Adding the missing Account Attribute: 

  • From your MyVerizon app, turn on the attribute that allows caller ID or spam protection (regardless of phone type)


  • Find the Verizon Call Filter App preloaded on Android devices and choose the Free service option.  
  • If this is an iPhone, just look for the Verizon Call Filter App on the Apple Store and download. Both free & premium service options are available. 


The Call Filter App  is not available for download on Android so the MyVerizon App is only option.


Setting up Call Filter on an iOS Cell Phone

  1. Launch the App Store and download the Call Filter App
  2. Launch the Call Filter App
  3. Allow the Contacts and Notifications permissions
  4. Tap Get Started
  5. Select Continue with Call Filter Free when asked to choose a plan
  6. Tap the Next button on all of the following pages until setup is completed
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