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Why does Twilio Require my ID to Upgrade?


Twilio collects individual and business information during the onboarding process in order to both protect our customers and users of communication products by keeping bad actors off our network. While exact regulations vary across the globe, it’s important to note the communication space has strict requirements imposed on it by government regulators and carriers in order to protect consumers. The verification practices by Twilio align to these standards. 


The information you submit during the upgrade process such as your name, email, and address is used to create your Customer Profile. The Customer Profile will be stored in Twilio Trust Hub, and it can be later used to help streamline your onboarding process to various Twilio products. In order for us to verify the information you provide to us, you may be asked to submit a government issued ID during the upgrade flow. Twilio has engaged Persona as our vendor to process your government ID and verify you are you.


Who is Persona, and how are they using my Government ID?

We have engaged Persona as our Data Processor to manage certain aspects of data processing, specifically to verify your identity and identify fraud as part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Persona is contractually obligated to process personal data according to our instructions and within the scope defined by our Data Protection Addendum and in accordance with Persona’s Privacy Policy.


How long will Persona keep the copy of my Government ID?

You may need to share a copy of your government ID as part of the onboarding flow. Any documents used as part of the verification process during upgrade will be deleted within 30 days, regardless if verification passed or failed. During those 30 days, these documents are only stored in Persona, and Twilio does not keep a copy of them.


How can I troubleshoot verification of my Government ID? 

Your government ID verification may fail for various reasons such as a blurry image, the ID mismatches against the country selected, or expired document. Please review the failure reasons provided in the user interface for more information on how to resolve the issue. If after 3 attempts you are unable to pass, you have the option to escalate to the Twilio operations team for further review. The team will review your submission and get back to you within 48 business hours. 


What if my identity document type isn’t supported? 

In order to upgrade, you must provide documents from a supported country and supported document type. If you cannot provide an acceptable document type, please try to work with a colleague or partner to be able to complete your upgrade providing acceptable documentation. 


How long will Twilio keep my Customer Profile data?

During the upgrade process, you are asked to provide some data (e.g., first name, last name, email). This information will be used to create a Customer Profile for you and stored in Twilio Trust Hub, which is our compliance portal where you can manage your trust data. All data stored in Twilio Trust Hub is governed by the Twilio Privacy Policy.


Can I change my Customer Profile after upgrading?

The Customer Profile you create during the upgrade experience will be stored in Twilio Trust Hub as the Primary Customer Profile. This will be stored as an individual profile or business profile pending the information you provided during the upgrade experience. If you wish to change your profile information or type after upgrading, you can delete your profile in Trust Hub and create a new one.

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