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Programmable Video End of Life Extension

Previously, Twilio announced that it will end-of-life (EOL) our Programmable Video product on December 5, 2024. Due to customer feedback, we are now extending the EOL to December 5, 2026 to allow customers extra time to transition to any video provider; however, we are recommending customers migrate to the Zoom Video SDK and we have prepared a migration guide with Zoom to minimize any service disruption.

During the EOL time period Programmable Video will be fully supported by the Twilio team. The production monitoring and incident response posture will not change. Given that WebRTC continues to move forward, the Video team will continue to monitor and test beta versions of browsers and mobile operating systems. Client and server side releases will take place to accommodate any changes necessary. As always, our support team is standing by to answer any questions you have.

Why Zoom?

The Zoom Video SDK is a fully customizable, developer-centric platform that largely supports the same set of use cases as Twilio's Programmable Video. Our partnership with Zoom ensures that customers have access to a global video infrastructure of the highest quality, a market-leading product roadmap, and a partner committed to enabling frictionless, secure video communications. Both Twilio and Zoom teams are prepared to guide and support customers with this transition. We have prepared this migration guide with Zoom to minimize any service disruption.

What do you need to do?

Here are some tips to help you get ready for the Programmable Video End of Life: 

  1. Review and Plan: review your current usage of Twilio Programmable Video.
  2. Explore Alternatives: We recommend Zoom’s Twilio Programmable Video Migration Guide as a first option. Good news: if you are already quite dependent on Twilio Programmable Video, you can continue to use it during the extension period until the EOL date.
  3. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on communications from us regarding Twilio Programmable Video. We will continue to share updates, resources, and guidance throughout the EOL extension period. Make sure the right email is signed up for our updates by managing your Console Notification Preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you decided to end-of-life Programmable Video?

This decision was made following a rigorous review of Twilio’s current investments, and how those investments align to the future vision of the company. Through a partnership with Zoom, Video customers will continue to see investment and innovation in Video while Twilio sharpens focus on its key communication channels - Messaging, Verification, Voice and Email.

Does this end-of-life impact the Network Traversal Service (STUN & TURN)?

No, the Network Traversal Service (NTS) is a standalone product offering that is separate from Programmable Video and as such it is not impacted by the Programmable Video end-of-life

What will happen to my Programmable Video Recording or Composition files that are stored on the Twilio cloud?

After the end-of-life date these files will no longer be accessible via the Twilio Console or the Programmable Video API and will be deleted. Customers must download these files onto their own storage prior to the end-of-life date.

Will Programmable VOICE Recordings for PSTN participants who joined Video Rooms also be deleted?

If the recording of the PSTN participant took place via Programmable Voice API settings then it will be stored in the Twilio Programmable Voice cloud and will not be impacted. If the PSTN participant was recorded via Programmable Video, then that file will be deleted after the end-of-life date if it has not already been downloaded and deleted by the customer.

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