Developer preview phone number availability

As we expand Twilio’s coverage through partnerships with new service providers, we go through a rigorous performance and reliability testing process of new numbers. Before we make new numbers available to all customers through our Beta program, we work with key customers to help us test new numbers in the real world, with real applications.

We have vetted these numbers and don’t expect you’ll have problems should you choose to try one out, but you should be aware that occasionally this testing phase reveals issues that we cannot detect in our test labs. Please keep this in mind as you deploy these numbers as part of your application. It is not advisable to use these for critical path or production systems until we have more experience with the numbers and are able to put them into Beta. Please also note that on rare occasions some numbers don’t successfully pass the alpha stage and need to be discontinued from service. Should any issues arise, you can expect the same level of support and responsiveness that you’ve come to expect from Twilio.

To request to purchase a number in Developer Preview, click here for a Local, National, or Mobile number and click here for a Toll Free number.


Dual Functionality (Voice and SMS enabled) Phone Numbers


Type Domestic only Address Required Per Month Per Minute to Receive Calls Per Message Received
South Africa Mobile Calls: No SMS: Yes Any Address $6 $0.01 $0.0075


Voice Enabled Only Phone Numbers


Type Domestic calls only Address Required Per Month Per Minute to Receive Calls City Codes Available
Bahrain National  No Any Address $8 $0.0075  
Chile Local  No No $7 $0.0075 Santiago (2)
Colombia Local  No No $14 $0.091 Bogotá (1) Medellín (4)
Croatia Local  No Local Address $5 $0.0075 Zagreb (1) Split (21) Osijek (31) Rijeka (51)
Hungary Local  No Local Address $4 $0.0075 Budapest (1)
Iceland Local  No Local Address $1 $0.01 Reykjavík (5)
Kenya Local  No No $16 $0.0075 Nairobi (20)
Nigeria Local  No No $35 $0.03 Lagos (1)
Norway Local  No  Local Address $3 $0.011 Oslo (2) Hordaland (5) Akershus (6)
Panama Local  No Local Address $8 $0.0075 Panama City (83)
Philippines Local  No No $15 $0.22 National Capital Region (2)
Singapore National  No Any Address $7 $0.0075  
Slovenia Local  No Local Address $5 $0.0075 Ljubljana (1) Maribor (2) Celje (3)
South Korea VoIP  Yes No $3 $0.0165  
Thailand Local  Yes No $25 $0.0075 Bangkok (2)


SMS Enabled Only Phone Numbers


Type Domestic SMS only Address Required Per Month Per Message Received
Denmark Mobile  No  No  $15 $0.0075
Italy Mobile Yes  Local Address $20 $0.02
Latvia Mobile No  Local Address $3 $0.02
Mexico Mobile No  No $15 $0.0075
Portugal Mobile No  Local Address $15 $0.0045
Taiwan Mobile Yes  No $15 $0.0075


Toll Free Voice Enabled Phone Numbers

These numbers are designed to be used for inbound voice calls, and are domestically reachable only. All Toll Free numbers in Developer Preview require an address on file within your Twilio account, as well as a documented use case. Please note that, per Twilio's Terms of Service, unused numbers are subject to reclamation.


Prefix Local Dialing Format Per Month Per Minute to Receive Calls from Landlines Per Minute to Receive Calls from Mobiles
Brazil +55 800 0 800 XXX XXXX $35 $0.1888 $0.2732
France +33 805 0 805 XXX XXX $25 $0.0823 $0.0823
Germany +49 800 0 800 XXX XXXX $25 $0.0343 $0.2732
India1 +91 800 000 800 XXX XXXX $35 $0.2632 $0.2632
Ireland +353 1800 1800 XXX XXX $25 $0.0448 $0.5877
Italy +39 800 800 XXX XXX $25 $0.0394 $0.4394
Mexico2 +52 1800 0 1800 XXX XXXX $30 $0.2161 $0.2161
New Zealand +64 800 0 800 XXX XXX $40 $0.0666 $0.2485
Spain3 +34 900 900 XXX XXX $25 $0.0319 $0.3143
Switzerland +41 800 0 800 XXX XXX $25 $0.0401 $0.1959

Toll Free Restrictions

1. India: Calling card and callback applications not allowed. Not available from TTSL (Prepaid) and Etisalat DB Telecom; BSNL and MTNL may require the caller to activate "International dialing/ISD"

2. Mexico: Calling card applications not allowed. Mobile networks charge local rates for making a call on toll free numbers.

3. Spain: Each number is limited to 100 concurrent calls.

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