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Update Voice Integrity Pre-approved Bundle

If you need to update your Business Employee Count or Average Business Day Call Volume for a Pre-approved Bundle you can do so through the API .

Please follow the below steps to accomplish this :

(1) Change status of Voice Integrity Trust bundle to “draft”

curl -X POST "" \
--data-urlencode "Status=draft" \

(2) Find the UserEntity association by retrieving all of your Entity associations. This will give you a list of objects. You’ll need to choose the entity object_sid that starts with “ITXXXXXXXXXXXXX”

curl -X GET "" \

(3) Remove the association between the old UserEntity and the Customer Profile

curl -X DELETE "" \

(4) Create a new UserEntity

"average_business_day_call_volume": "20",
"business_employee_count": "20",
"notes": "Surveying people to learn about demographics",
"use_case": "Survey/Research"
curl -X POST "" \
--data-urlencode "Attributes=$ATTRIBUTES" \
--data-urlencode "FriendlyName=YOUR_END_USER_FRIENDLY_NAME" \
--data-urlencode "Type=voice_integrity_information" \

(5) Associate the new UserEntity with the Voice Integrity Trust Product

curl -X POST "" \
--data-urlencode "ObjectSid=YOUR_END_USER_SID" \

(6) Change status of Voice Integrity bundle to “pending-review”

curl -X POST "" \
--data-urlencode "Status=pending-review" \

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