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Twilio's New Helper Libraries

Twilio started updating the Helper Libraries to an improved platform starting mid-2016, and that work is now completed.  This has resulted in a much improved experience for developers and how they build with Twilio. The legacy Helper Libraries have been sunsetted in the timeframe outlined below.

The announcements, docs and guides for each language are as follows:

Language Go Live Month Documentation
PHP August 2016 DocsMigration GuideBlog Post
Java October 2016 DocsMigration GuideBlog Post
C# February 2017 DocsMigration GuideBlog Post
Python April 2017 DocsMigration GuideBlog Post
Node May 2017
DocsMigration GuideBlog Post
Ruby July 2017 DocsMigration Guide, Blog Post


Why did Twilio change the libraries?

We learned from our customers’ feedback and improved what works well where we can do better. There are several major improvements that we made with the new libraries.

  • The new libraries are auto-generated. That lets us rapidly add new features, it adds consistency across versions and languages.
  • We added stronger typing for languages that support it.
  • Modernized the helper libraries. Languages like PHP evolved a lot since we first launched the SDK.

What’s new in the new libraries?

See the blog posts linked above for language specific details.

What will happen to the old libraries?

Going forward, new functionality will only be added to the new GA libraries. Twilio has stopped providing bug fixes and Support might ask you to upgrade before debugging issues.

However, the /legacy branch of each helper library repository will remain available if you wish to fork and modify the code base for your own use.

Language Announcement Date EOL
PHP 9/07/16 EOLed
Java 10/14/16 EOLed
C# 02/28/17 EOLed
Python 04/03/17 EOLed
Node 05/10/17 EOLed
Ruby 07/17/17 EOLed

Will the deprecation of the libraries break my application?

No. The helper-libraries are client side code and the deprecation will not change how applications behave. It is up to the developer to upgrade to the current libraries to receive the latest bug fixes and support.

What are the Helper Library version numbers?

Language Legacy version Next-gen version
PHP <= 4.x >= 5.x
Java <= 6.x >= 7.x
C# <= 4.x >= 5.x
Python <= 2.x >= 3.x
Node <= 2.x >= 3.x
Ruby <= 4.x >= 5.x
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