Opting out of Audit (Monitor) Events

Audit Events (previously known as Monitor Events) is designed to give Information Technology (IT)  and Information Security (Info-Sec) teams detailed operational insight into their Twilio utilization. This feature is most beneficial to those with IT compliance and security requirements - eg storing detailed change logs for forensic analysis and security reviews. However, this feature is not beneficial, or needed, by most of Twilio’s customers.

If you need to track configuration changes within your Twilio project because of security and compliance requirements, please opt-in to Audit Events. Note that you will be charged for Audit Events written, stored, and read via the API.

If you do not have compliance requirements, please opt-out of Audit Events or dismiss the notification. If you take no action, or explicitly opt out, you will no longer have access to the events generated and you will not be charged for the read, write, and storage utilization resulting from those events. You only need to opt-out at the project level once via the in-product notification.

Moving forward, Audit Events will not be generally available to all customers. If you have further questions, please contact Customer Support.

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