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Can I change the owner of the account?

Yes, the owner of a Twilio account can be changed. Depending on how the account is currently setup you maybe able to self service this change or need to reach out to Twilio Support for assistance.

Self-Service Account Owner Change

If the account is part of an Organization, customers can change the owner of a managed Twilio account through the Organization's Admin Center.

If the account is not part of an Organization, please contact the Twilio Support team to help change the account owner. Be sure to include the following information in your request:

  • Account SID(s) for which the change needs to be made
  • The new account owner's email

Alternatively, if you can log into the current owners user, you can change the contact information (name or email address) from the Users Settings in Console. The only caveat is the new email address and contact information can not already belong to another user on the account. This change will also effect all Twilio account this user account has access to, so proceed with caution.

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