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Twilio phone number availability and their capabilities

Twilio offers Voice and SMS enabled phone numbers globally. 

Some numbers have regulatory requirements. You can find regulatory requirements for all Twilio phone numbers at this page.  

Where can I Find Twilio’s Current Number Offerings?

All our current offerings are available for purchase in Console or via API. 

Note: The API does not currently support the numbers available through Exclusive Number order.


From the Console search, you can filter phone numbers based on location, phone number type, capabilities, and more - all with our easy to use GUI. TO learn more see How to Search for and Buy a Twilio Phone Number from Console.

While searching for available numbers in the console, if you are unable to search for a specific country or number type, we do not offer the numbers to be purchased directly through Console. We might be offering them through our Exclusive Numbers order (regulatory requirements apply). If you are unable to sort by a specific capability, such as SMS or Voice, we do not offer the numbers to be purchased directly through Console. We might be offering them through our Exclusive Numbers order (regulatory requirements apply).

Exclusive Number Orders

To check for Exclusive Numbers to order click the Can’t find a Number button in the top right corner to see if we can order the number for you.


On our number order form you can search for the desired country and number type. If it is available for order you will be able to provide the necessary information to apply for the number.


Unavailable Numbers

For numbers not generally available for purchase directly through Console or through Exclusive Number order, on the same “Can’t find a number?” link you will have the option to share with Twilio what country and number type you are interested in. This helps Twilio understand what our customers are looking for to prioritize number offerings. 

NOTE: This form will not order a number for you and does not guarantee Twilio will be able to offer or provide the requested country and number type.

To submit feedback to Twilio select Sign-up on the Unavailable Number notice.


Complete the Unavailable number sign-up form to share your feedback with Twilio and receive alerts if your requested number type with capabilities is added to our inventory. If the requested numbers become available you will be informed of the price of the number. After your approval the number will be assigned to your Twilio Account.



Twilio phone numbers can also be searched and purchased programmatically using REST API requests. For full details, please see Using the REST API to Search for and Buy Twilio Phone Numbers.

You can query this resource as well to identify which country and number types are offered: Read a list of countries - Gets the subresources available for all supported countries.

Note: The API does not currently support the numbers available through Exclusive Number order.

Types of Numbers by Twilio

Twilio offers a range of phone number types that differ in their costs and capabilities. Learn more here: Twilio Phone Number Types and Their Capabilities 

Capabilities of Numbers Offered by Twilio

Twilio offers various types of phone numbers with different service capabilities.

  • Dual Functional: These numbers can be used to make/receive phone calls as well as to send/receive messages. International permissions to make calls or send SMS to other countries can be enabled for Voice and SMS respectively.
  • SMS Enabled Only: These numbers can be used to send/receive messages only. No voice services are available for these numbers. International SMS permission can be enabled here.
  • Voice Enabled Only: These numbers can be used to make/receive calls only. No SMS services are available for these numbers. International dialing can be enabled from the global permissions page for Voice.
  • Toll Free Numbers: These numbers are designed to be used for inbound voice calls, are domestically reachable only, and are not accessible from payphones. The exception is US Toll Free numbers which can be reached from Canada and include SMS capabilities.

Number Service Details

SMS Services

If we currently do not offer a phone number for SMS in the country you require, you may be able to use an alphanumeric sender ID for SMS. See International support for Alphanumeric Sender ID for which countries Twilio offers alphanumeric sender IDs.

All Twilio SMS-capable numbers can be used to send one-way SMS to other countries, with the exception of the United States which can only receive SMS from US and Canada numbers. However, to guarantee two-way messaging (receiving incoming messages from end users), you must use a number from the same country as your recipient. More details on two-way SMS here.

While global SMS enabled numbers can generally be used to reach other international destinations, using such numbers to reach +1 destinations (US and Canada) is not supported. You may receive 400 response with error 21612 when attempting to do so. 

The rest of the world...

Twilio is always working on increasing our number coverage in more countries as quickly as we can. Each country has different regulations regarding the purchase and sale of telephone numbers, so we are not able to provide a timeline on when numbers in a specific country will be available.

You can make outbound voice calls from any country in the world by validating the caller ID of a phone number you already own in that country.

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