How do I configure a number to receive phone calls if I'm using OpenVBX?

OpenVBX configures your Twilio phone number URLs using the REST API when you import the number from OpenVBX. Instead of setting these URLs at, we would recommend using OpenVBX to import these numbers. In the process of importing them, their URLs will be set.  Although the URL is in a predictable format, it includes a numeric ID which is only accessible in OpenVBX.

To import an existing Twilio number into OpenVBX:

  1. Log in to OpenVBX as an administrator.
  2. Click "ADMIN > Numbers"
  3. Click "Numbers used on other Domains: show"
  4. You should be able to click "Import Number" next to the number
  5. Associate it with an existing call flow or create a new call flow.
Once you do this, OpenVBX will use the REST API to update your voice and SMS URLs behind the scenes, and the next time you log in here, you'll see the numbers that were set by OpenVBX.

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