How to check if a Twilio number can send MMS messages

Twilio currently offers MMS-enabled long code phone numbers in the US and Canada.

Searching for New Numbers

If you are buying phone numbers from our Buy a Number page, you'll see an "MMS-enabled" icon (like the existing Voice-enabled and SMS-enabled icons) highlighted for phone numbers that support MMS messaging.

You can also use the AvailablePhoneNumbers API to find MMS-enabled numbers. You can use the "MmsEnabled" list filter parameter to filter the list of numbers returned.

Check Capabilities of Existing Numbers

If you want to check if a number you already own is MMS-enabled, make an HTTP GET request to the IncomingPhoneNumbers resource URI or use our API Explorer to check the property for your number. The property for an MMS-enabled number will look like this:

true true true

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