A2P 10DLC Campaign Vetting Delays: We are experiencing delays while vetting 10DLC campaigns. Our third party is reviewing campaigns manually, and due to the high volume of requests, a queue has built up. Campaign reviews are expected to take longer. Twilio is working with the provider to help expedite this process. New details will be shared in our incident report as soon they become available.

What should I expect if my short code is audited?

Your short code may be audited for compliance with carrier guidelines by the CTIA or by individual carriers. Furthermore, Twilio proactively audits short codes to help you ensure that your campaign is compliant. If your short code is audited and the campaign is found to be non-compliant, Twilio’s Short Code Operations team will contact you with a list of the identified issues and will let you know how to resolve them. You will typically be given a deadline of one week to resolve any issues, after which point your short code will be at risk of suspension if the issues have not been resolved.

If your short code is suspended by a particular carrier, it will take at least 30 days (and possibly longer) to restore service. Every time a short code is suspended by a carrier, it must go through that carrier’s provisioning process again to be re-approved.

Visit this page more information on how to comply with carrier and CTIA guidelines.

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