A2P 10DLC Campaign Vetting Delays: We are experiencing delays while vetting 10DLC campaigns. Our third party is reviewing campaigns manually, and due to the high volume of requests, a queue has built up. Campaign reviews are expected to take longer. Twilio is working with the provider to help expedite this process. New details will be shared in our incident report as soon they become available.

How can I send messages to end users that my short code can't reach?

Not all end users can receive messages from Twilio short codes. Some end users may use wireless carriers that Twilio short codes don’t support, and some of our supported carriers’ wireless plans don’t include short code messaging capabilities by default.

Twilio recommends that you use Message Delivery Information to identify undelivered short code messages, and configure your messaging application to re-attempt these messages using a long code instead. For more information, check out our documentation on sending messages and understanding message statuses.

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