Why do I need to provide example messages?

It is important to provide examples of messages you will send via your short code when completing your short code application. Carriers will review these examples during the approval process. Carriers approve short code campaigns for detailed and specific use cases and will not provide approval for general or broad uses. For this reason, they require example messages that are representative of the actual content that will be run on the short code. Messages must always include your campaign name. Here are examples of compliant short code messages:

  • Two Factor Authentication:
    • Twilio Verification Alerts: Your code is 028480.
  • Marketing and Promotions:
    • Twilio’s Ice Cream Shop Alerts: 2 for 1 cone day is here! Stop in today for 1 free cone when you purchase another cone of the same size.
  • Appointment Notifications:
    • Twilio Schedule Notifications: You have a dentist appointment with Dr. Toothy tomorrow, 5/25, at 12 PM. Please call us if you are running late: 888-555-5555.

For more assistance completing your short code application or crafting messages, please contact your Account Manager.

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