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How can I cancel my short code?

If you’ve decided you no longer want your Twilio short code, please send a cancellation form to using the following cancellation form:

1. Account SID: { This is found on your Dashboard > Show API Credentials }

2. Short Code Country:

3. Short Code #: { 12345 }

4. Please also let us know when you would like to cancel:

  • Cancel immediately
  • Keep service until end of lease
  • At some point in the future (migration to another provider)

5. Why are you canceling?

  • Not doing sufficient volume to justify a short code
  • Cost
  • Only needed it for a temporary project
  • Did not provide expected ROI
  • Found another provider
  • Other (please let us know)

Please note that this request must be sent at least one week before the renewal date, and it must come from an admin/owner of the Account SID. 

As a reminder, please understand that once you cancel your short code the short code is no longer usable. If you ever decide that you would like to reactivate a cancelled short code in the future, we will first need to confirm that the short code is still available (it may not be), then we’ll need you to complete a new application, after which we can restart the full, multi-week provisioning process with carriers. For this reason, we suggest that you only cancel your short code if you have no future plans of ever using the code.

In order to cancel a Canadian short code, the confirmation must also be collected from a Public Facing Brand (if this brand is not the current owner of the short code in Twilio).




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