Unsupported Short Code Use Cases in the US

In addition to the what is outlined in Twilio's Acceptable Use Policy and Messaging Policy, Twilio will not support short code messaging for the following use cases:

  • High risk financial services
  • Products or services which are not legal both federally and in all 50 states
  • Debt forgiveness/repair programs
  • Gambling
  • Work & investment opportunities
  • Third party aggregation services (loan aggregators, job boards, insurance aggregators, etc)
  • Lead generation campaigns that indicate the sharing of collected information with third parties
  • Messaging which directly competes with wireless offerings from telcos 

These campaigns have been identified as contributing to significant complaints of unwanted messaging by consumers. Twilio will not submit any applications from the above categories to US carriers for review.


Additionally, carriers have considerable discretion over the SMS traffic that they permit on their networks and may decide to reject other types of campaigns from time to time for reasons they alone determine.

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