Short code campaigns prohibited by carriers

There are certain categories of short code campaigns that neither carriers nor Twilio will allow. These rejected categories include:

  • Adult or otherwise inappropriate content
  • Depictions or endorsements of violence
  • Profanity or hate speech
  • Endorsement of illegal or illicit drugs

In addition, carriers may at times reject -- or indefinitely delay approval of -- short code campaigns that they deem to be competitive, such as offering or advertising competitive communications services. Carriers may also decide to reject other types of campaigns from time to time for reasons they alone determine. Carriers have considerable discretion over the SMS traffic that they decide to carry on their networks.

Twilio will not provision the prohibited campaigns listed above or any campaign that violates Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy; for all other campaigns, Twilio will use good faith efforts to get your short code approved by the relevant carriers. Unfortunately, Twilio has no control over whether carriers approve or reject your particular use of a short code or the time that it might take for the carriers to reach a decision. Therefore, because Twilio has no control over carrier approval, customers bear the risk for any costs that Twilio incurs to lease a short code on your behalf and/or any fees that Twilio’s pay on your behalf to the carriers or regulatory authorities to provision your short code.

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