Can I send or receive text messages with a Twilio Toll-Free phone number?

Yes. Toll-free phone numbers in the US and Canada are enabled to send and receive text messages domestically within the two countries. To receive text messages on your toll-free phone number, you will need to configure your SMS request URL.

Please note that standard messaging rates do apply when sending SMS to, and receiving SMS from, a toll-free number.

Toll-free phone numbers in the United Kingdom and other countries are not able to send or receive text messages.

Please refer to this article for a list of SMS-enabled phone numbers available through Twilio.

Toll-Free Numbers for International SMS:

We do not recommend using US/Canada toll free numbers for sending SMS outside of the +1 number region, as some countries may not accept the sender ID, and result in message nondelivery. We recommend using a Global SMS enabled number (for example a US, Canadian, or UK number) to send one-way international messages instead.

For best practices for two-way international SMS, please see Receiving Two-Way SMS and MMS Messages with Twilio.

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