What is Sticky Sender and how does it work?

Sticky Sender makes sure the same From phone number is selected when sending messages via Messaging Services a particular recipient. This allows your application to consistently send messages to your user from a single recognizable phone number.

When Sticky Sender is enabled, Twilio will maintain a mapping of the To and From phone numbers. This mapping is created after the first message is sent from your Messaging Service to a particular recipient. Any future messages sent to that recipient from that Messaging Service will also use the same From number.

If Sticky Sender is turned off, no established mappings will be referenced. However, if you toggle Sticky Sender back on in the future, any mappings previously created will be referenced again.

When a Twilio phone number is removed from your Messaging Service, all Sticky Sender mappings associated to the removed Twilio number are deleted.

For full details, see Messaging Services - Sticky Sender.

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