What is Geo-Match and how does it work?

Geomatch automatically selects the Twilio phone number in your Messaging Service to match the country of your recipient’s phone number. If your Service does not include a Twilio phone number that is local to your user, Twilio will select another SMS-enabled phone number to deliver your message. Your message will fail if there are no phone numbers in your Service that can deliver your message.

To use Geomatch, simply add phone numbers to your Messaging Service that match the countries of your end users. Geomatch is disabled when a phone number local to your recipient cannot be found in your Messaging Service.

Geographic proximity and area codes are not taken into consideration when selecting a phone number.

When a phone number of a new geographic country is added to your Messaging Service, Twilio will automatically select and remap Sticky Sender so that the From number can match the same country as your recipient's phone number.

Learn more in our Sending Messages with Copilot documentation.

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