Switching from SMS/Messages resource URI to Messages resource URI

SMS/Messages is a deprecated resource that we no longer maintain and update. Newly released features are only available in the/Messages resource, so we highly encourage you to move onto the new /Messages resource for your application. The change normally involves a quick helper library update and a few lines of code changes. Check out the sample code on how to use the new endpoint to send messages.

For your reference, below is a sample list of features that are available only in the /Messages resource:

  • Send concatenated messages with up to 1600 characters
  • Receive message delivery status information of your messages
  • Send MMS messages in the US and Canada
  • Take advantage of the “MaxPrice” parameter to control message costs
  • Utilize Messaging Services
  • Access to detailed delivery steps in the SMS log within Console
  • Send messages to non-SMS channels like WhatsApp.


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