Which browsers support WebRTC?

The Twilio Client JavaScript SDK versions 1.3 and later are supported on the following browsers:


Apple Safari (Version 11 and later)
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge (ORTC support)
Mozilla Firefox

We support the current major revision of the browser, as well as the previous major browser revision. That is to say, if the current browser release version is N, we test with N and N-1.

Other browsers are investigating support for WebRTC and may release WebRTC capable versions in the future. Please refer to this link for the most up-to-date information about browser WebRTC support. For now, desktop browsers which do not support WebRTC/ORTC, including older versions of Safari on Mac OS X and Internet Explorer, can continue to use the Flash-based Twilio Client SDK 1.2 (deprecated) until end of life (Date TBD).


Mobile browsers including Safari and Chrome on iOS and Chrome on Android are not supported by Twilio Client; instead we recommend the use of Twilio’s SDKs to develop native Android and iOS apps.

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