How Does Twilio Voice JavaScript and Mobile SDK Pricing Work?

Calls placed or received with the Twilio Voice SDKs (JavaScript, iOS, and Android) are charged the same low per-minute rate anywhere in the world. This rate applies to all inbound and outbound active call connections to and from Twilio.

2-way calls, those that connect two separate parties or originate/terminate outside of a TwiML response, will have two related call "legs":

  • One call leg connecting the SDK user endpoint to Twilio
  • One call leg connecting the other party to Twilio

In a 2-way call like this, the "parent" call is the originating call - the first connection to Twilio. The second call leg spawned from the code is referred to as the "child" call.

The non-Client call leg (parent on inbound calls, child on outbound) is charged at our standard Programmable Voice per-minute rate, which varies based on the calling number, the destination, and number type. For a full pricing breakdown, please see our Voice Pricing site.

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