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Unable to Display a Business Name or Custom Text as Caller ID

The default Caller ID for outbound calls from Twilio is to display an E.164 formatted phone number at the destination. In most cases, this will be the Twilio phone number or verified phone number used in the From parameter in your API request, or the callerId attribute of your <Dial> verb.

This guide covers caveats to this rule, and what to expect for Caller ID in the following scenarios:

Outbound calls with a verified phone number

When a non-Twilio phone number (landline, office phone, etc.) gets verified on your account, it can be used for outbound API and <Dial> calls. If this phone number has an existing CNAM Caller ID entry, this entry is usually the default Caller ID displayed. Outbound calls placed over Twilio using this verified number should be indistinguishable from calls placed normally from this line.

To place calls using this method, simply use the verified phone number in E.164 formatting in your call request code. For more details, see Using a non-Twilio number as the caller ID for outgoing calls.

Notice: To edit or remove an existing CNAM Caller ID entry for a verified phone number, please contact your service provider.

Outbound calls within the same country

When placing calls from a Twilio number in the same country as the To number, the Caller ID defaults to the E.164 formatted From or callerId number specified in your request. However, some phone numbers from the US and Canada may have an existing CNAM Caller ID entry associated with them. Some of our carrier partners may also support adding an entry to the CNAM Caller ID registry.

For questions about adding or modifying CNAM Caller ID entries for Twilio phone numbers, please collect the following information:

  • Twilio phone number(s)
  • Requested CNAM change(s)

Once you have gathered these details, contact our Support team, and submit a request with this information. Our specialists will investigate your request, and respond with the options available to us.

Notice: CNAM Caller ID is only supported by carriers in the US, and some carriers in Canada. CNAM is not supported in other countries. For more details, see Getting Started with CNAM Caller ID.

Outbound calls to other countries 

Standard caller IDs may not be rendered properly when a calling out to a To number in a different country than the From number. In some cases, the From number may be changed, or a different alphanumeric caller ID added to ensure international delivery. For full details, please see our article on International Caller ID.

Caller ID for incoming calls

Most calls coming in to your Twilio number will default to showing the callers E.164 phone number as the Caller ID.

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