Unable to Display a Business Name or Custom Text as Caller ID

Twilio purchased phone numbers can not be registered in the United States’ CNAM Caller ID database. Because of this limitation, most outbound calls from Twilio will display a caller ID composed of the Twilio phone number or a verified phone number used to make the call. In either of these situations, we will use the E.164 formatted phone number in the From parameter of your API request or the callerId attribute of your <Dial> verb.

There are, however, two exceptions. Here are the details:

Custom Text Outbound Caller ID with a Verified Phone Number

A non-Twilio phone number (landline, office phone, etc.) with an existing Caller ID entry can be used to place calls from Twilio once the number has been verified on your account. Outbound calls from Twilio using this verified number should be indistinguishable from calls placed normally from this line.

To place calls using this method, simply use the verified phone number in E.164 formatting in your call request code.

Please note that users who receive a call from your verified phone number and then try calling you back will be connected to the verified non-Twilio number.

International Outbound Caller ID

Standard E.164 formatted caller IDs may not be rendered properly when a call is made across international borders. For full details, please see our article on International Caller ID.

Caller ID for Incoming Calls

Most calls coming in to your Twilio number will display the callers E.164 phone number as the caller ID.

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