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How much will my application cost per minute?

The cost per minute will depend on your use case and the call flow that you are building. Our prices are charged based on each leg of the call. An example of a call leg could be an inbound call to your Twilio numbers, or an outbound call from your Twilio phone number to other numbers or destinations in the telephone network. Here are some examples:

  • An application that is an inbound call only such as an IVR or a voicemail application would be charged the inbound per-minute rate for a local US number only for the inbound leg.
  • An application that is forwarding an inbound call to another phone would have 2 legs: one inbound to Twilio and one outbound to the forwarding number. The per-minute total for this call would then be the sum of the per-minute for inbound calls to Twilio US numbers and the per-minute rate for outbound calls to local US numbers.
  • An application that is outbound only such as an appointment reminder application would be charged the per-minute rate for an outbound call.

For full pricing details, see our pricing page.

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