Changing the phone number for two factor authentication

You can change the phone number you are using for Two-factor authentication (2FA) from Twilio Console:

Notice: 2FA can be enabled or disabled from the Project Settings page in Console. For more information, please see Enabling two factor authentication on your Twilio project.

  1. Access the User Settings page in Console.
  2. Click Remove phone number.
    Note: If no phone number is listed, skip to Step 4.
  3. Click Remove Phone Number.
  4. Click Add phone number.
  5. Enter the desired phone number for use with two-factor authentication, and then click Text me.
    Note: Click Call you instead if you would rather receive an automated call.
  6. Enter the two-factor authentication code you received, and then click Verify.
  7. An emergency recovery code will be displayed; please make note of it. When you're ready to complete this process, select the "I understand..." check box, and then click Continue to Dashboard.
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