Using Event Log to track activity or changes in your project

You can view a log of activity within your Twilio project via the Monitor Event Log. This log contains detailed information about actions taken by users within the portal or changes made by your application via the API. You can find the Monitor Event Log within the Monitor section of the portal. Use the main menu to navigate to Monitor, and then use the top navigation to navigate to Events. This will take you the Event Log.

You can filter the log by the Event SID, Date, Resource SID, Actor SID, IP Address, and Event type. This log can help you understand the changes that happened to resources within your Twilio infrastructure. Information such as this can be useful with debugging or conducting forensics on your project. Clicking on an event takes you to the Event details page. This contain information about what resources was acted on, who acted on it, the time of the action, the source, the IP address, and other pertinent information such as the properties that were changed.

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