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What's the Difference Between a Verified Phone Number and a Twilio Phone Number?

There are two types of phone numbers listed within your Twilio project, verified phone numbers and Twilio phone numbers. Each has different acquisition methods, costs, and capabilities through Twilio. Please read on for full details.

Twilio Phone Numbers

  • Acquisition: Twilio phone numbers must be purchased through Twilio's Console site or the REST API. Twilio will operate this number on your behalf.
  • Cost: Twilio has a regular recurring charge for this number, and will bill your account monthly.
  • Capabilities: Twilio phone number capabilities are visible before you purchase a phone number. Once you own a Twilio number on your project, the capabilities will be listed in the Console Manage Numbers page.

Verified Phone Numbers

  • Acquisition: A verified phone number is one that you have acquired outside of Twilio, like the number for your wireless phone, or the landline in your home or office. This number has not been ported into Twilio, and will continue to be serviced by the original provider. To configure a verified phone number on your Twilio Project, please see Adding a Verified Outbound Caller ID With Twilio.
  • Cost: Twilio does not charge for this number, your original provider will continue billing for it as normal.
  • Capabilities: Verified phone numbers can only be used with Twilio as a Caller ID for placing outbound calls.

    Please note: Outgoing SMS and MMS messages are not supported. Incoming calls and messages to verified numbers will continue to route through your original provider.



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