Moving Twilio phone numbers to another Twilio account

Moving Numbers Between Accounts

Moving numbers between Twilio accounts can only be done by Twilio support, and only after the owners of both the losing and gaining accounts consent to the move. If you wish to move one of your numbers to another user’s Twilio account, please follow these steps:

  1. In order to prove that everyone knows what is going on, both account owners should first login to their Twilio account.
  2. After logging into your Twilio account, both account owners should use the Talk to Support page to make identical support requests:
  3. Fill out this form and provide the following information:
    • Which numbers to move
    • The Account SID for the account which will be losing the number
    • The Account SID for the account which will be gaining the number

Numbers can be moved instantly between the two accounts with no downtime, but if there is a specific time when you would like the transfer to take place, please let us know.

Moving Numbers Between Subaccounts and a Master Twilio Account

If you have numbers in a subaccount and want to move these numbers to your main Twilio account, you can do this on your own using the REST API. Just follow these instructions to exchange phone numbers between accounts.

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