Moving Twilio Phone Numbers to another Twilio project

Twilio phone numbers can be easily transferred between different projects by the Twilio Support team. To request this change, please gather the following information:

  • Phone Number(s): The full phone number(s) you wish to move.
  • Losing Account SID: The AC SID for the project or subaccount that is giving up the phone number.
  • Gaining Account SID: The AC SID for the project or subaccount that will be receiving the phone number.
  • Identity SID or Address SID: Any Identity or Address SID required for Regulatory compliance.
  • Time frame: The requested time frame for your change to complete (ASAP or a future date).

When you have collected this information, please share it with our Support team. If the losing and gaining projects have different owners, we'll need approval from each side, so we request that both account owners submit matching support requests.

Notice: Twilio numbers lose their existing configuration when transferred between projects. For help reconfiguring your Twilio number, please see our phone number configuration guides:
Configure Numbers for SMS   Configure Numbers for Voice   Configure Numbers for Fax

Moving phone numbers between a project and its subaccounts

Twilio long code and short code phone numbers can be transferred between a project and its subaccounts via HTTP POST requests to the REST API. For full details, including sample code and troubleshooting, see Move Phone Numbers Between Twilio Projects and their Subaccounts (Internal Transfer).

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