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How to Search for and Buy a Twilio Phone Number from Console

Twilio's Console site allows users to quickly search for and provision phone numbers on your project. From the Console search, you can filter phone numbers based on location, phone number type, capabilities, and more - all with our easy to use GUI. Continue reading for step-by-step instructions.

Notice: You must upgrade your Twilio project to provision more than one phone number.


Search and Purchase a Number

Notice: By default all capabilities are checked for searching. Ensure you uncheck capabilities that are not needed as it will impact the returned search results. (ie If you need only SMS capable numbers and only local voice numbers are showing in the results, uncheck the 'Voice' capable box)

  1. Access the Buy a Number page in Console.
    • This is found in Console under Develop > Phone Numbers > Manage > Buy a Number.
  2. Enter the criteria for the phone number you need, and then click Search.
    • Country: Select the desired country from the drop-down menu.
    • Capabilities: Select your service needs for this number.
    • Search Criteria: Search by digits, area code, prefix, phrases or characters you want in your phone number.
    • Advanced: Click this link to show options for the desired phone number type (local, mobile, toll-free), address requirements, emergency calling, and to allow beta number results.
  3. Search results will be displayed with the phone number, location, type, capabilities, and price listed. Click Buy to purchase a phone number for your current project or sub-account.

    • To display additional number options click Refresh results at the bottom of the page.

Important to Note:
Many countries require identity documentation for Phone Number compliance. Requests to provision phone numbers with these regulations will be required to select or add the required documentation after clicking Buy in Console. To see which countries and phone number types are affected by these requirements, please see our Phone Number Regulations site.

A2P 10DLC registration is required for US messaging.  To send SMS/MMS messages to the US with a US local number, a registration process is required.  Reference this A2P help article for further clarification on how to register.

After your phone number has been successfully provisioned, your project will be charged for the full monthly price of the phone number. For more details, please see How much does a phone number cost.

Search for a Number with a Specific Number or Word Pattern

There are times you may need to search for a number that meets a specific format. Our Console search supports these needs.

  1. From the Buy a Number page in Console enter detailed search criteria for the phone number format you need using the available filters, and then click Search

The Search Criteria allows you to search by digits, area code, prefix, phrases or characters you want in your phone number. 

  • You can even specify where in the number you want this to appear!

  • You can also use the * symbol to identify "any digit" if you are looking for a specific start and end to a number but can have variable digit results in the middle of the number.
    Example: I need a 916 number that spells "team" at the end. I will enter my search for a number as 916***team for all numbers meeting this qualification.

Search and Purchase a Twilio Phone Number via the REST API

Twilio phone numbers can also be searched and purchased programmatically using REST API requests. For full details, please see Using the REST API to Search for and Buy Twilio Phone Numbers.

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