French-language requirements for Canadian Short Codes

To make your short code campaign compliant with Twilio’s requirements, per our Acceptable Use Policy, your company is required to comply with carrier compliance requirements, industry standards, and applicable law.  The same compliance standards that apply to English-language Canada short code campaigns apply to French-language Canada short code campaigns, except, of course, for a French-language campaign, all required descriptions, disclosures, terms, instructions, and policies are in French.  For example, if you send short code messages in French, then it must return compliant French-language responses for the keywords “AIDE” and “ARRET” (as well as responses to the keywords HELP, INFO, and STOP).  For links to industry guidance materials, click here.  As a courtesy, below are some example French-language Call to Action language and sample messages.  For English-language Canada short code guidelines, click here.

Please note: the character limit for Canada short code SMS is 136 characters. Messages with more than 136 characters will not be delivered.

Short Code Advertisement (also known as a Call to Action, or CTA) Sample Text The wording of your short code advertisement will vary depending on the sign-up method, since it tells individuals  how to opt into a short code campaign. A French-language SMS Keyword Call to Action, for example, might look like this:

Texter le mot { Keyword } pour ##### pour recevoir les alertes. Les messages et les débits de données peuvent s’appliquer { Message frequency }. Texter AIDE pour ##### pour de l’aide. Texter ARRET pour ##### pour annuler. Pour connaître les modalités: { URL to SMS terms of service }. Pour la politique de confidentialité: { URL to privacy policy }

Note: Message frequency can be styled as appropriate: # de messages par jour, par mois, par demande d’usagé, etc. Your website must also display a mailing address for your business.

Welcome Message Text

End user: { Keyword }
Short code: Bienvenue chez { Campaign Name } Alertes! Les messages standards et les taux des données peuvent s’appliquer { Message frequency } Répondre AIDE pour de l’aide, et ARRET pour annuler.

HELP Message Text

End user: HELP, INFO, or AIDE
Short code: { Campaign Name } Alertes: Aide à { source of help 1 } ou { source of help 2 }. Attention! Les messages standards et les taux des données peuvent s’appliquer { message frequency }. Répondre ARRET pour annuler.

STOP Message Text

Short code: Vous êtes désabonné de { Campaign Name } Alertes, aucun message ne sera envoyé. Repondre AIDE pour de l’aide ou { source of help 1 }.

*These messages have not been formatted to fit within 136 characters*

These examples are based on industry standards for short code service.  You should expect that your short code campaign will be audited at some point by a carrier or industry organization for compliance with industry standards.   

Nonetheless, please note that each carrier reserves the right to suspend short code service for any user at any time, so compliance with the above guidance is not a guarantee against suspension of service by a carrier.

In addition, there may be requirements for your French-language short code campaign under applicable laws and regulations.  Which laws and regulations apply will depend on the particulars of your text messaging campaign.  You should consult with your legal counsel regarding any legal compliance requirements, as well as any question regarding how the industry standards apply to your text messaging campaign.

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