Are there special instructions for campaigns involving location-based services (LBS)?

Twilio does not provide location services as part of our API. Customers wishing to build Twilio-powered applications that involve LBS must either build that capability themselves, or use a third-party vendor for location based services. LBS services include location-specific marketing, geofencing, and GPS tracking.

For LBS short code programs, Carriers will simultaneously (and separately) review short code provisioning materials submitted by Twilio, and the LBS program submitted by the customer's company or a third-party vendor. The message flows outlined in these two applications must match; any discrepancies between the two may significantly delay the carrier approval process.

To successfully submit your LBS short code application, the following two steps are required:

  1. After purchasing a short code, the customer must submit a copy of the proposed message flow to their third-party LBS vendor.
  2. The customer (or the LBS vendor) must send Twilio a copy of all application materials submitted by the LBS vendor. Twilio cannot submit the short code application to carriers without this information.

For more information, please contact your Account Manager.

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