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What happens when I attempt to send messages to a landline?

Currently the behavior is dependent on the location of the recipient.

When sending a message to a landline number in the US, Canada and the UK:

Twilio will not check whether the number is a landline and will attempt to send it to our carrier for delivery. Some carriers (especially the ones in the UK) will convert the SMS into text-to-speech messages via voice calls.

When sending a message to a landline number in other countries:

Notice: We are planning improvements in Twilio's Error Logging Experience in 2024 which will affect the accuracy of logging behaviour for the type of error below. See here for more information.

The Twilio REST API will throw the error below, and the message will not appear in the logs and your project will not be charged.

"code": 21614, "message": "To number: +86XXXXXXX, is not a mobile number", "more_info": "", "status": 400

Note: If you are attempting to send messages to Twilio SMS-capable geographic numbers, Twilio would allow you to do so.

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