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What Languages can the <Say> TwiML Verb Speak?

The <Say> TwiML verb is able to properly pronounce words from over 25 different languages using a number of different Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices. Voices and languages are declared in your TwiML response using the <Say> verb's voice and language attributes. For help forming TwiML TTS responses, please see Twilio Docs: TwiML Voice - <Say>.

Man and Woman Voices

Twilio's basic Man and Woman voices support the following languages:

Language Value
English (American) en
English (British) en-gb 
Spanish es
French fr
German de
Italian it 

Alice Voice

Twilio's basic Alice voice uses an improved engine that is capable of speaking 26 total dialects (18 languages and 14 locales):

Language Value
Catalan ca-ES
Danish da-DK
German de-DE
English (Australian) en-AU
English (Canadian) en-CA
English (British) en-GB
English (Indian) en-IN
English (American) en-US
Spanish (Castilian) es-ES
Spanish (Latin American) es-MX
Finnish fi-FI
French (Canadian) fr-CA
French (European) fr-FR
Italian it-IT
Japanese ja-JP 
Korean ko-KR 
Norwegian nb-NO 
Dutch nl-NL 
Polish pl-PL 
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-BR
Portuguese (European) pt-PT
Russian ru-RU 
Swedish sv-SE
Chinese (Mandarin) zh-CN
Chinese (Cantonese) zh-HK
Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin) zh-TW 

Amazon Polly Voices

Amazon Polly voices each support a specific language and locale. Polly voices are also fully customizable for pronunciations, speed, tone, and more. For a full list of available Amazon Polly Standard and Neural Voices, please see Twilio Docs: Text-to-Speech. For more information, please see our article Getting Started with Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech


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