A2P 10DLC Campaign Vetting Delays: Twilio cannot approve 10DLC Campaigns ourselves, and must rely on third parties who control our connections to carriers to sign off. These external processes are creating several week delays for our customers. We continue to escalate these issues and are working to reduce delays wherever possible. Further details will be shared in the Campaign Vetting Changes article as they become available.

How are Twilio voice and calling product minutes rounded for billing?

When Twilio's voice and calling products are billed to your account, any partial minutes (under 60 seconds) are rounded up to the next full minute. For example, an automated one-way call of 1 minute and 20 seconds would be billed as 2 minutes. Similarly, a two-way call connecting two different Call SIDs for 1 minute and 20 seconds would bill you for two different calls of 2 minutes.

This policy applies to the following products:

  • Programmable Voice
  • Twilio Client
  • SIP Interface
  • Elastic SIP Trunking
  • Media Streams

Notice: As of February 28th, 2019, calls to China have a different billing scheme. For more information, please see Calling Limitations to China.

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