A2P 10DLC Campaign Vetting Delays: Twilio cannot approve 10DLC Campaigns ourselves, and must rely on third parties who control our connections to carriers to sign off. These external processes are creating several week delays for our customers. We continue to escalate these issues and are working to reduce delays wherever possible. Further details will be shared in the Campaign Vetting Changes article as they become available.

How do I dispute a port-away notification?

To dispute a port-away notification, please complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the Twilio console under the project or subaccount associated with the phone number(s) in question.
  2. Click here to view the port-away request.
  3. Click the check box to the right of the phone number(s) that you would like to dispute.  Note that, because you will need to enter the appropriate end user’s service address in step 6 below, you should select numbers with a common service address.
  4. Select “Set Status”.
  5. Select “Dispute”.
  6. You will then be taken to another screen where you should enter the service address associated with the selected phone number(s).
  7. Click “Submit”.
  8. Once you hit “Submit”, Twilio will be notified that the port-away notification was not warranted by you as a Twilio customer, and we will begin the dispute process. Because of the time sensitivity, we recommend that you dispute any port-away notifications within 48 hours of first receiving the notification.
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