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Is it possible that my port could complete before or after the date that the port is scheduled to take place?

As soon as we have an expected completion date for your number, we’ll send you an email to let you know. In nearly all cases, the port will complete on the date indicated. However, because porting requires the coordination between two carriers to re-route and re-configure your phone numbers, the porting date may vary slightly.

In some instances, porting may complete 1-3 days before the date specified. For this reason, please be sure to configure the phone number(s), particularly your voice and/or messaging URLs, so that the phone numbers are ready should the port occur earlier than expected. You can configure the numbers from the Numbers section of your Twilio project. In other instances, we occasionally have to postpone a porting date. If the date is delayed, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Additionally, in rare instances, a port can occur after the date and time scheduled. In order to avoid a lapse in coverage in the event that your port processes after the time specified, please be sure to maintain coverage with your current carrier and phone service until you've verified that traffic is appearing in your Twilio logs.

Finally, it is often the case that phone numbers submitted for porting at the same time receive different porting dates: the losing carrier may be different for different sets of phone numbers or, even if the losing carrier is the same, the numbers may be tied to different physical infrastructures. We’ll be sure to keep you updated about all of your numbers, and you can also track your port requests through the porting requests section of the console.

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