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Voice Integrity FAQ

What is Spam labeling? 

In the wake of increasing consumer complaints to the FTC of ‘too many unwanted calls received,’ call blocking and labeling algorithms have been put to work by the major wireless service providers to identify factors that may help to identify an incoming call as one you may or may not want to answer.

Warning labels take different shapes and forms across the top service providers based on the data provided by carrier-partnered 3rd party analytics companies. Each of the top carriers, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile all offer a free service to block calls identified in the highest risk category by their 3rd party analytics. As such, calls identified as Scam, Scam Likely, Fraud Risk, or Potential Fraud (the exact terminology varies across service providers) can be labeled spam or blocked before ringing into the consumer or sent straight to voicemail.

What is Voice Integrity?

Previously Twilio encouraged customers to Register their numbers in however Voice Integrity Trust product is a new offering alongside of the Shaken/Stir and CNAM Trust products that will let let customers register their phone numbers through Twilio in order to make sure they are not mislabeled as spam.

The product is currently in public beta. As part of public beta, customers are able to register their Twilio phone numbers via Trust Hub which will then register them with the analytic vendors responsible for running spam labeling algorithms on ATT and TMO.

Support Documentation :

Spam Monitoring with Voice Integrity

Voice Integrity Onboarding

Is registration to Voice Integrity better than and different from registering to

Voice Integrity is better than registering to freecallerregistry in the following ways:
Voice Integrity leverages strategic and proprietary partnerships with analytic vendors which will result in better and faster results than

Voice Integrity lets the customers automate the process of registering Phone Numbers through REST APIs, as opposed to which is a static web form.

How many Voice Integrity bundles can be created per account?

Multiple Voice Integrity bundles can be created per account. Customers may want to create one Voice Integrity bundle per use-case or per department. For example - One Voice Integrity bundle for Uber Driver and another one for Uber Lost and Found.

Is Voice Integrity free?

Yes, it's free for now.

How is Branded Calling related to Voice Integrity?

Voice Integrity is a pre-requisite for Branded Calling. More information about Branded Calling here: 

Branded Calls FAQ

Which countries is this product available in? Are there any plans to expand to other countries?

Currently this is only available in United States. Plans to expand to other countries is still in discovery and will be updated when available.

What are the different use cases customers can choose from when submitting  ?

Asset Management
Lead Generation
Intelligent Routing
Appointment Scheduling
Customer Support
Automated Support
Appointment Reminders
Employee Notifications
Delivery Notifications
Emergency Notifications
Contactless Delivery
Order Notifications
Service Alerts
Purchase Confirmation
Mass Alerts
Fraud Alerts
Contact Tracing
Lead Management
Lead Nurturing
Marketing Events
Rewards Program
Lead Alerts
Lead Distribution
Abandoned Cart
Call Tracking
Outbound Dialer
Click to Call
Phone System
Distance Learning
Shift Management
Field Notifications
Remote appointments
Group Messaging
Exam Proctoring
Therapy (Individual+Group)
First Responder



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