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How to Assign Numbers to an Approved Business Profile and Product Profile

Once your Business and Product profiles are created and approved it is time to assign your phone numbers to both your business and product profiles. A umber will not be available to assign to a product profile (CNAM, Shaken/Stir, Voice Integrity) if it is not first assigned to a Primary or Secondary Business Profile.


Assigning Numbers to a Business Profile

  1. From within your Twilio account go to Accounts > Customer profiles.
  2. Select the approved business profile which you would like to assign the numbers. In this example we will be sing a primary business profile.
  3. Once you are on the 'Primary Business Profile Details' page, go to the 'Assigned phone numbers' section, and select 'Assign phone numbers' as shown:

  4. Here, select all the numbers which you wish to register with the Business Profile.
  5. Once selected click save, and these numbers will be successfully added to your primary or secondary business profile.


Assigning Numbers to a Product Profile

Once the numbers have been successfully added to the primary or secondary business profile they will be able to be added to a Product Profile. For this example we will be used a CNAM Product Profile

  1. Go to Accounts > Customer profiles > Select the Product.  In this example we are using CNAM.
  2. Within the CNAM page you can choose to either create a new CNAM trust product or select the existing trust product. In this case, select the existing product profile.

  3. Click on the '+' icon and all the numbers that were added to the business profile, will populate for selection.

  4. Select all the desired numbers, save them, and submit the product profile for review.
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