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2024 Changes to Twilio Telecommunication Tax Policies and Procedures

As the telecommunications industry continues to change, our goal is to be transparent with everything that impacts our customers, whether it is the communication products we provide or the line items on your monthly bill. 


Beginning on February 1, 2024 Twilio will begin collecting and remitting telecommunications-related taxes ("TUTs")  differently and on additional Twilio products and services for customers within the state of California. This change results from the 2023 settlement of a lawsuit filed by Twilio against the City and County of San Francisco over the applicability of its TUT to Twilio. Twilio will be implementing these changes across the state of California alongside corresponding TUTs imposed by other California localities. 


These changes will apply to certain voice services, video services, and messaging services billed to addresses in the relevant California localities. These changes go into effect February 1, 2024, and your March 2024 Twilio invoice will automatically reflect these new taxes. 


The precise impact on your bill will depend on your Twilio usage each month, so we cannot provide individualized predictions. Do note that your prior invoices will be unaffected.

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